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Stone and clod separator


The stone and clod separator removes stones and clods from batches of potatoes, onions or other root vegetables. Advanced sensor technology means that a high capacity (12 to 50 tons/hr) can be realised.

Up to 95% accuracy

Depending on the width of the supply conveyor, type of roller cleaner, amount of loose soil and product size, the stone and clod separator can achieve an accuracy up to 95%. This machine is unique in the potato processing business, and has definitely made its mark. It can be deployed as a stand-alone unit or as part of a processing line. The Samro is available in three types: 24/44/72.

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Type Capacity (tons/hour) Ejector belts Working width Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight Power supply Max. Consumption Air pressure  
TG SAMRO 24 12-17 24 85cm 4,4x1,6x1,7 m ca. 1.100 kg 3x400 V~, 50 Hz 3,8 kW 8-10 bar
TG SAMRO 44 25-30 44 1,5m 4,4x2,1x1,7 m ca. 1.700 kg 3x400 V~, 50 Hz 3,8 kW 8-10 bar
TG SAMRO 72 40-50 72 2,5m 3x3,5x1,6 m ca. 1.600 kg 3x400 V~, 50 Hz 3,8 kW 8-10 bar