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This Tolsma-Grisnich conveyor belt is constructed with a stable side frame (U profile) welded together from box sections. The conveyor belt itself is enclosed within the frame and is fully supported by idlers or a steel plate. The idlers are fixed to the side frame by means of bolts at a centre-to-centre distance of 500mm. The return rollers, with rubber rings, are fitted at a centre-to-centre distance of 2000mm.

The height of the lateral guide depends on the application. HMPE sealing on the conveyor belt reduces the leakage of fine particles. The drive drum is crowned and coated with a 6mm chequered rubber profile. The tension roller is also crowned, and fitted with a continuous shaft. Crowning of the drums improves the tracking of the rubber belts, as well as reducing belt wear and tear.

Both the driving and tightening side can be adjusted by means of a simple turning movement using the unique tensioners.

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Capacity Bandwidths in mm Minimum length Can be extended with  
30 T/u 400 1625mm 250mm
38 T/u 500 1625mm 250mm
49 T/u 650 1625mm 250mm
61 T/u 800 1625mm 250mm
76 T/u 1000 1625mm 250mm
91 T/u 1200 1625mm 250mm
114 T/u 1500 1625mm 250mm